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Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

Oct 4, 2013

  • Update on our Atlantic City trip;
  • Listener mail:
    • Was the dealer rude?
    • Hedge bets;
  • Archie Karas arrested for cheating;
  • The British won't stand for craps;
  • Skill-based slots;
  • Poker Home Game: Lowball


ten and a half years ago

Thanks for nice words, Kevin! Yeah, we try to do a show that we ourselves would like to listen to, so it's nice to know there are listeners like you who are enjoying it.

kevin boran
ten and a half years ago

I love your podcast. I am also a recreational gambler (and a Dr. like Mike) and I truly enjoy both the information provided and the relaxed nature of the conversation between friends with a common interest. Your podcast will make new recreational gamblers better at these games of chance. And they provide us experienced gamblers with a nice opportunity to listen to your casino experiences and pleasantly or ruefully reflect on our own.