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Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

Aug 20, 2015

  • Casino etiquette:
    • Correcting the stickman's call;
    • Tossing chips across the table;
    • Paranoid pit measures the roulette wheel with a level;
    • Asst. Casino Manager demands refund from player;
  • Chicagoland casinos;
  • Where's a good place to learn craps?
  • Books:

Aug 6, 2015

  • $1 blackjack at Binion's on Thursdays is 3:2 single-deck!
  • Craps etiquette as it applies to picking a spot at the table;
  • Listener meet-up;
  • Shills and proposition players;
  • What got us into gambling?
  • Action reverse bets vs. parlay bets;
  • Craps Repeater side bet;
  • Books to buy: