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Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

Jun 22, 2017

  • Mayweather/McGregor fight; 
  • Don't feel bad if your roll loses money for other players; 
  • Shoot-To-Win Craps in California; 
  • What advantage does higher free odds give you? 
  • Drink tickets still plentiful at Excalibur sports book; 
  • How superstitious are we at the craps table? 
  • Players who shoot from the Don't; 
  • What happened to keno? 
  • Getting comfortable with craps; 
  • Free play: Tables game chips vs. slots; 
  • Pressing the 4; 
  • Listener "meet-up" in Primm; 
  • Playing "both sides" with free play; 
  • Emerald Princess Casino Cruise; 
  • When to walk away; 
  • "Milieu!" 
  • Airline deals at Golden Gate and The D; 
  • Good video poker at Main Street Station; 
  • Bad craps at Main Street Station; 
  • "True" double odds; 
  • Concentrating your daily play on one casino; 
  • Counters beware at El Cortez