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Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

Apr 2, 2015

  • Big payouts and W-2Gs;
  • Disappearing coffee shops;
  • Don't be a Lusardi!
  • Frank Scoblete releases book I Am a Dice Controller;
  • Tap water being sold on Las Vegas Blvd.?
  • Learn the game at the table or before you play?
  • Litmus test for dealers;
  • Where did "Lucky 7" come from?
  • Unique Fire Bet paytable at Harrah's North Kansas City;
  • Ask a Dealer:
    • A typical shift;
    • Tip-pooling casino vs. non-tip-pooling casino;
    • Do dealers like piggy-backed bets?
    • Martingale bettors;
    • Intoxicated players;
    • Chip theft;
    • Big wins;
    • Hierarchy of games;
    • Does tipping help rating?
    • Religion and politics at the table;
    • Juicy stories for Dr. Mike