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Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

Some Observations from G2E

Oct 3, 2016

Listener Paul Stephens

I was in Vegas for G2E this week and have a few points of interest / observations for you guys.

  1. I did not see a single craps table at the show.  :(  There was virtually every other game imaginable.

  2. The Gamblit booth of skill-based gaming was constantly packed. The zombies walking around there helped (advertising Into the Dead machines I'm sure). People were enjoying the games, but whether they would pay / gamble money on them is another question.  The pace of the games seemed really slow in many cases. Lots of games were actually played against other players and were like arcade games, where each person puts up money, and the winner takes (most of) it.

  3. Scientific Gaming has a couple new poker-derivative type games coming for Dr. Mike's dad.

  4. Celebs at the show included Shaq, Tim McGraw, and Larry Thomas (the Soup Nazi).

  5. There are many new blackjack progressive side bets being marketed, along with some baccarat progressive side bets.

  6. There are a few companies pushing visual analytics and other technology for monitoring occupancy and accurate bet tracking.  The bonus here for you guys is the possibility of them correctly tracking wagers for ratings. Based on demos year over year a few companies are close on this for regular table games, but it might be a little way off for craps as the betting spots are not well defined.