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Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

Caesars Windsor Trip Report

May 2, 2016

Listener Mark from Ontario

I enjoy travelling to different casinos across North America, and this past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Windsor Caesars property located in Windsor, Ontario for the first time. For those of your listeners who don’t know, Windsor is the city on the Canadian side of the border across from Detroit, Michigan.

So I thought I’d provide you with a short trip report.

Some general thoughts:

  • It is a large casino and the only ‘Vegas-esque’ Casino in Ontario in terms of look/feel (much more than Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls).
  • It’s a beautiful facility inside and out. Spacious, multiple gaming floors, and was very clean.
  • Entertainment seems to be a big draw for them (Santana was there while we were there).
  • We couldn’t stay there; it was full up, and the only available room on-site was $500 a night.
  • As a Caesars property, the Total Rewards cards from Las Vegas (or other Caesars locations) are accepted here, and the same promotions are available here as well.
  • They also had self-serve coffee and soft-drink beverage stations, which is always a nice touch for those who can’t wait for drink service or for when they are really busy.
  • All blackjack I saw was paying 3 to 2 on blackjack.
  • I only ended up near the craps table on Sunday morning around 10:30 AM, and at that time the min bet was still $10 and up to 5x odds.

As a poker player, I spent most of my time there (17 hours or so), playing poker.

A few notes on the poker room:

  • It has a World Series of Poker theme. The logo is everywhere, and pictures of famous poker pros are all over the walls. It felt similar to Bally’s in Atlantic City.
  • They ran multiple tables of 1-3 No Limit with a max buy-in of $300.
  • They also had one table running 2-5 No Limit with a max buy-in of $500.
  • Beverage service in that room was really fast. I would order a coffee and have it within the same hand; it was extremely fast.
  • The other thing that stuck with me was the number of regulars that were there. The first table I was seated at had seven regulars, one random guy, me and an empty seat. These are players who have obviously played significant hours in the room and against each other. The poker room management shook hands and exchanged hugs with the players and knew significant details about each player. Now this is usually a warning for potential collusion or soft-playing, but I didn’t see any of that and had a really good experience overall.
  • Floor staff were generally friendly and really seemed to like their jobs, which is a nice thing.

Small caveat: The bad-beat jackpot at the MotorCity Casino across the border was over $400,000 while we were there, and that likely drew many players away. So it may be typically busier on a Saturday night.

Overall, all my interactions with staff at this casino were positive, issues were dealt with quickly, and the dealers all seemed competent (which is sometimes a hard thing to find in a poker room). It was a very comfortable, welcoming environment and my wife and I will be returning.