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Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

Dec 24, 2015

  • San Diego card rooms raided by FBI;
  • Dr. Mike's memory;
  • Where to find an empty table in Vegas;
  • Big stink over five dollars;
  • Craps stories;
  • Triple 7 craft beer at Main Street Station;
  • San Diego County Dental Society;
  • Where's the Poker Home Game segment?
  • Dr. Mike's trip to the Horseshoe Southern...

Dec 10, 2015

  • Mark and Dr. Mike don't play in a poker tournament;
  • Hope you voted for the Trippies, 'cause now it's too late! 
  • Casino parties;
  • $10 tables on Super Bowl weekend?
  • Baccarat side bets;
  • Talking about bad-beat jackpots while in the middle of a hand;
  • Vegas Fanboy's trip report:
    • 3:2 blackjack at New York New York;
    • "Even the...

Nov 26, 2015

  • More Daily Fantasy Sports (sorry);
  • Chip flusher gets prison;
  • Winning wager from listener Kevin;
  • Super Aces craps wager?
  • Listener calls:
    • Atlantic City / Connecticut idea;
    • Hands-on craps at next year's VIMFP?
    • EZ Baccarat;
    • Action when you cash in;
    • +EV nickel video poker at the California;
    • Uncollected come bets

Nov 12, 2015

  • Daily Fantasy Sports declared illegal in New York State;
  • Someone counterfeits a winning Melbourne Cup ticket; 
  • Woman doesn't hit $8.5 million slot jackpot;
  • Dr. Mike's brother part of Cosmopolitan class-action lawsuit;
  • Three Ohio casinos are leaving Caesars Entertainment;
  • Hard-way place bets at The Orleans;
  • Automatic...

Oct 29, 2015

  • The Player has pretty much been canceled, but there's a new gambling-related drama coming to TV;
  • VIMFP:
    • Rental car;
    • Lunch at Pizza Rock;
    • The Ice Breaker;
    • The Admiral's Parade;
    • Positive EV video poker at The D;
    • The VIMFPTUCKY Derby;
    • Our crummy friend Paul;
    • Dinner at La Comida;
    • Vato Cigars;
    • The Undercard;
    • Las Vegas Club...