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Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

May 31, 2018

  • Consoling losing players; 
  • "Take that, Harrah's!"; 
  • Dr. Mike's favorite craps bet; 
  • Working vs. not working on the come-out roll; 
  • The Las Vegas/Gambling podcast community; 
  • World/Whirl bet; 
  • Horn High Yo; 
  • The worst casino giveaways; 
  • If craps went away, what would you play? 
  • What's that clip at the end of each episode? 
  • Are there craps advantage players? 
  • Our wives are saints; 
  • Smartest and dumbest craps bets; 
  • "Muckleshoot!"; 
  • Will Justify win the Belmont Stakes? 
  • One craps table for the rest of your life; 
  • Play at a crowded table or an empty table? 
  • Dr. Mike's keno basic strategy; 
  • We lose the Zorkie