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Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

May 25, 2017

  • Is our "losing streak" over? 
  • Preakness results; 
  • Downtown Grand switches from 10x odds to 5x; 
  • People get stuck in Tropicana Atlantic City elevator; 
  • Robin Leach gets duped; 
  • The correct way to play soft 18 in blackjack; 
  • When you're banned, are you banned from all owner's properties? 
  • Single 0 roulette in Atlantic City does not have the la partage rule; 
  • Big 6 name explained; 
  • Seneca updates its rewards;  
  • Teaming up to play; 
  • Strip blackjack: TI; 
  • Strip craps: The Cromwell; 
  • When is a roll not a roll? 
  • C&E; 
  • See you at 360 Vegas Vacation 4!